Jarrett Hutton


Jarrett Richard Hutton was born on November 30, 1983 in Warren, Ohio.  Jarrett was a graduate of Lakeview High School.  He was employed by the City of Cortland for the past 10 years.

Love Life.  Certainly, this was the mantra Jarrett built his life on.  His journey on this earth was only 32 years long, but in that short amount of time, he inspired, supported, and touched many.  All those who came in contact with him were easily moved by his giving heart, contagious laughter, and vivid personality.  Jarrett deeply touched so many lives on so many levels.  He was often described as an old soul who never met a stranger.  His infectious smile, witty sense of humor, positive energy, embracing hugs and in-depth conversations about life were truly unforgettable.  Above all, Jarrett was a very humble man who strived to make a difference in a weary world.  

The quote, "You cannot love life until you live the life you love," is a perfect testament as to how Jarrett traveled through this life.  He enjoyed many hobbies, but creating art was his absolute passion.  He had a gift of capturing the beauty and blessings of life in his eclectic art pieces. Jarrett created a variety of collections that included paintings, drawings, photography and most recently wood burning.  He also enjoyed writing poetry and blogging.  Jarrett started his photography in 2006 when his Love Life series came to fruition.  He found joy in the creation, but his favorite part was the reaction on someone's face when he delivered his work.  He truly loved to make others smile. He was a visionary.  Jarrett quoted years ago, "I make what I want to see.  Art has opened my world to everything and anything.  It has made me love my life, always love life"  Many, only speak words of inspiration, but Jarrett fulfilled them.  

Amid his passion for art, Jarrett enjoyed spending time with his family and friends.  Whether it was a family gathering, social event, or one-on-one, Jarrett always had something to contribute.  His spirit was invigorating to all in his company.  On occasion, you could find him beat boxing a tune on his harmonica, sketching on his note pad, writing poetry, blogging or reading his bible.  Jarrett's faith led him through his life and he stood strong upon the grace of God.  Many of his artworks depict the beauty of his relationship with Christ.  He was a member of Bazetta Christian Church where he participated in various mission trips and cantatas.  Jarrett was also a member of Global Fitness and the Growlin Howland Browns Backers organization.   

Jarrett was a hardworking man.  When he was not making art, he was retrieving landscaping stone to sell or build a patio for a customer.  He would often spend countless hours finding just the perfect ones that people would love.  He was also an avid cook, his creativity not only soared on canvas, but, also in the kitchen.  He loved canning hot peppers, making salsa and putting a twist on his own recipe.  Jarrett changed the world one kindness at a time, he inspired so many.  In one of his writings, he said "Pick up and march to the beat you play.  Be good to all.  Let people love their life, even if you don't agree.  You have the choice to choose, the choice to act and the choice to live your heart. God bless!"  

Jarrett's absence leaves an immense void in the hearts of his parents, Richard and Theresa Hutton, along with his sister and brother-in-law, Daynelle (Hutton) Sanner and Christopher Sanner, his extended family, his friends and his wife, Victoria (Beil) Hutton and stepdaughter Brooklyn Calhoun.  Out of love for Jarrett and his Love Life mantra that permeated his art and life, the "Love Life Foundation" has been established. 

What Did Love Life Mean To Jarrett?

Love Life.  It was more than just a mantra to Jarrett; it was a belief of what he wanted for himself and others.  So, what did Love Life actually mean to him?

First, Love Yourself.  "Be a person of self-strength.  Be strong in whom you are and the way you walk. Make yourself be directed to your happiness.  Your life will be forever be a success if you want it to be."  

Second, Love What You Do; "Do not miss out on an opportunity to have fun and live your own desires. Do amazing things with it and experience everything you always wanted to.  Stopping should never be an option; achieving and conquering should always be never ending.  Be courageous and confident in your acts.  Know that you can do anything and don't set limitations on your abilities.  We choose the path we take and nobody else can do that for us."  

Third.  Love All; In what can be such an angry and dark world, be the light that shines through it.  Treat everyone, as you would want to be treated.  Love everyone, as you would want to be loved.  Be kind to all.  Living your life everyday in good nature will always give back."